Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Serena Ryder on Songwriting

Serena Ryder is featured in the Arts section of today's National Post (article: Supertramp finally gets its apologist) speaking about her upcoming album Is It O.K. The accomplished/effervescent Canadian singer-songwriter (can you tell I like her) discusses the personal nature of songwriting and of this upcoming album recorded in L.A. after the death of a close friend. Some poignant quotes follow:

"The title is about checking yourself when you're going through a lot of different things in life. Being human can be really painful; it's full-on. [The album] is about being inside of yourself through the whole process."

"All music is autobiographical," Ryder said. "I don't care what anybody says. Everyone shares a part of their soul in music ... regardless of whether a song is 100% factual."

I have to agree with Serena. We talk about the songcraft but I don't think you can ever separate the observer from the observed, or rather the songwriter from the song... The Muse is with Ryder... and may she be with you too...

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