Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Feist eBay Auction #3 (email to winning bidder)

I've emailed the successful bidder (robins9944) through eBay's messaging system... I hope she responds, and here's my email:

Hi, I was the unsuccessful bidder on the Feist auction. Congrats, by the way! I had gotten very excited when I received a Second Chance offer, but it was just a phishing scam... so I'm glad that I contacted the vendor who assured me you were following through with the auction.

Anyway, I'm an unpublished songwriter and I'd love to know when the actual dream will take place, if just to participate vicariously by attending the concert and seeing you on stage... If this is an intrusion, I apologize... but if you don't mind sharing the dream (by that I mean, just attending the concert), please email me back and let me know when the big day will arrive!

Break a leg! (in the show business sense)

Lorenzo (from Toronto)

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