Monday, April 07, 2008

Songwriter Advisor

Orlando Gutierrez, former Warner/Chappell staff songwriter, is offering assistance (free the press release says) to songwriters, beginners to advanced, on his website: Songwriter Advisor. Here's the press release:
Just like a conscientious, grateful entertainer or professional athlete who stays and signs every autograph, songwriting expert Orlando Gutierrez has adopted the same mentality in his website approach by vowing to answer each and every songwriting-related question as promptly as possible using his "Ask The Songwriter Advisor" section.

Songwriter Advisor offers free pro songwriting tips and techniques by reviewing basics and by using a little-known, innovative approach that takes advantage of web technology. “The songwriting marketplace has never been more competitive and the time has come for songwriters to think outside the box in order to gain a competitive edge,” says, Gutierrez.

To take the mystery out of songwriting for beginners and to quickly review basics for intermediate and advanced songwriters, the website begins with an easy-to-follow, seven-step songwriting guide using an original song example to accelerate any songwriter’s progress. Writers’ block becomes a thing of the past by learning how to use the "Rhymezone" website to spawn songwriting ideas, and by using songwriting tools such as "Lyricist."

Songwriter Advisor also advocates great songwriting as being within anyone’s reach regardless of musical experience because people have been listening to their favorite music all their lives and music is an imitation art form. There’s no such thing as a songwriter who wasn’t influenced by another musician. As Gutierrez states in his website, ”Songwriting is not meant to be complicated and once it’s broken down and simplified, a natural and effective songwriting progression follows.”
I'm not sure if I agree with the premise that anyone can be a great songwriter, but I do agree that the craft shouldn't be "complicated" - meaning you shouldn't over-think what you're writing, but keep writing... and may the Muse be with you...

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Audrey Mackay said...

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