Thursday, June 12, 2008

Alanis Morisette - The Ex Factor In Songwriting

And to continue with the theme in today's posts, another singer-songwriter rises from the ashes of a failed relationship - Alanis Morisette discusses her new album and her breakup with actor Ryan Reynolds here (sample below):

Alanis also revealed her break-up helped her focus on her songwriting, and provided her with inspiration for her new album 'Flavors of Entanglement'.

She added: "In the middle of my break-up, I went to London for 12 days, wrote 12 songs. It was all very immediate and visceral. It was very in the moment.

"One of the main themes of this record is recovery, rising up from the ashes. So it's sort of an unravelling of my own personal life, hitting my own rock bottom and rising up."

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jonbonjovious said...

I think Ryan got off easy compared to the break up fellow who lead the way to *Jagged Little Pill*.

*Flavors of Entanglement* still shows "anger", but it is more reserved and a reflection of inner conflict...moving on, allowing oneself to *die* so they can live (as depicted in "moratorium").

This is the album to put Alanis back at the top of the record charts. It is witty and deep in lyrics and the music has a "different" beat than most music out today.

It is definately a CD that won't be leaving the CD player anytime soon.

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