Thursday, June 12, 2008

Imbruglia: 'Divorce will help my music'

Another note from Ireland Online:

Natalie Imbruglia has taken something positive from her split from rocker husband Daniel Johns - their painful break up has given her music a major boost.

The singer admits that she makes her best records when she has experienced painful events in her life, and her impending divorce has given her plenty of material for her new album.

Imbruglia wrote her 1998 debut, 'Left of the Middle', about a broken heart and it went on to be a major international success.

Her two subsequent albums, made while she was happily married, have failed to emulate the success of her first record - debuting in the UK at number three and 12 respectively.

And she is convinced that her forthcoming third studio album, the follow up to last year's greatest hits compilation, will be her best work in years.

She says: "After a break from songwriting, my life experiences have really helped me to be more creative. I think when it comes to creativity, I am more inspired by suffering than happiness."

Imbruglia and Silverchair frontman Johns split in January after five years of marriage.

Well, you never want to see the "life experiences" be painful or sorrowful to add to your creativity, but as it's been often said - "great art comes from great adversity". The Muse has a sense of humour that way I suppose... and that's probably why so many "sophomore" efforts fall flat when a band has hit the bigtime with its first effort... the adversity is gone.

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