Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Local Songwriting Brothers - Blueprint Songs

Jeff and Don Breithaupt are accomplished songwriters who had a selection of their songbook performed this past weekend in Toronto at the Canwest Cabaret Festival. The brothers, who grew up in nearby Mississauga (though originally from Sault Ste. Marie), were featured in this local Mississauga News article:

"We have been blessed to date - and we've only been writing songs together for about five years - with an amazing group of interpreters, here and in New York. (They are) singers who are at the very top of the jazz, pop, and theatre worlds," Jeff told The News. "The greatest thrill for a couple of old-fashioned song pluggers like us is to hear our work interpreted by others.

"In a sense, a song as it exists on paper is just the blueprint for a performance of it," Don continued. "It's like the relationship between a script and a live play. A good singer breathes life into a song, literally. Jeff and I have an embarrassment of vocal riches at our disposal and it feels great."

Jeff writes the lyrics while Don provides the music.

I like the quote about songs being the "blueprint" for the performance... Time to get cracking on "drafting" some plans of my own... May the Muse be with you...

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