Monday, September 22, 2008

Liam Gallagher's "Singer vs. Songwriter"

I don't agree with the philosophy, but it's interesting to say the least and I think it's a bit of bravado considering the source and the publicity such statements make. Here's an article about Liam Gallagher's take on his brother Noel's singing/songwriting skills and the latest Oasis album.

Liam Gallagher hates his brother Noel singing on the new Oasis album.

The frontman said his guitarist sibling - who sings three tracks on 'Dig Out Your Soul' - should have left him to do all the vocals.

He said: "I'm a better singer than him, so I should sing them."

However, Liam claims his songwriting talents are not as impressive as his prowess on stage.

He explained: "I don't count myself as a songwriter. I'm a singer who every now and then stumbles across a few songs that people either like or don't like.

"I'm into writing songs, but I'm not going to freak out about it and go, 'Whoa, these songs...' I know there's all this spiritual nonsense that people go on about, but I'd be more worried about losing my voice than losing my ability to write a f**king song. I'm a singer man, that's it."

The 'Live Forever' star - who penned 'I'm Outta Time', 'Soldier On' and 'Ain't Got Nothing' for the band's new album - also revealed his biggest songwriting influence is himself.

He added: "I don't have subjects to write about - I just write about me, because I'm different, a one-off. I don't draw inspiration from music, I'm already inspired. "

Hmmm, may the Muse be with you... and may Liam stay with Liam...

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