Wednesday, September 03, 2008

U2 Ready for 2009

It's easy, sometimes, to forget that even the greats have to go through the mundane... it all starts with a song... simple as that and U2 have it going on in their latest recording/writing sessions for their upcoming album... You can read the official website blurb here... and here's a little piece to chew on here:

'When we set out on this record it was Larry who came up with the plan not to have a plan. He put up this idea that wouldn't it be great just to make music for its own sake, not for the purpose of a live show or on album but just to see what we're capable of…'

It's an idea that's paid off. Following sessions in Morocco, in Dublin and through the summer in France, the band have written 'fifty or sixty' tracks. And counting.

'We've hit a rich songwriting vein,' he explains. 'It gets a bit dark down here but looks like we've found diamonds not coal. I thought a while back we might have the album wrapped by now, but why come up above ground now if there's more priceless stuff to be found?

May the Muse stay with Larry, the Edge and Bono... they certainly have provided some great tunes over the years...

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