Sunday, November 09, 2008

Of Montreal on Songwriting

Just some thoughts from Kevin Barnes of Of Montreal on songwriting from a recent Toronto Star article:

"For some reason, laziness is celebrated in music where it's not really celebrated in other art forms. Most pop songs are just riddled with laziness."

Some might bristle at Kevin Barnes's reductionist assessment of pop songwriting's verse/chorus/verse template, but at least the Of Montreal front man and increasingly proficient professional provocateur is backing those words up with the wildest musical ride he's ever put to tape on his latest disc, Skeletal Lamping.

I'm not so sure I agree... It takes creativity, even within "lazy confines", to compose a pop song that people can enjoy... A "formula" does not negate the creativity, and knowing the "rules" just makes it easier to break them... it takes a Muse...

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