Friday, September 21, 2007

The New Pornographers

There's an interview of The New Pornagraphers' founder, guitarist, singer and main songwriter, A.C. (Carl) Newman in the most recent edition (Fall 2007) of SAC's Songwriters Magazine. The article (not up onthe SAC website yet) concerned, amongst other items, Newman's growth as a songwriter and his influence from various 60's songwriters (Burt Bacharach, Brian Wilson and more). His advice to fellow songwriters, along the lines of perseverance and consistency, follows:

"Just hack away and do it and try to do something interesting," he advises. "And keep going. Who is it that said 90 percent of success is just showing up? I kind of feel that way.

"When I think of all the times I've played music, I feel like I've never really changed my plan. I've just kept playing music because I want to play music. Even when I had a day job, I still continued to play music and eventually that strategy worked.

"If you want to write songs, just write songs. Keep writing them until you get better."

Okay Carl... I'll just keep writing then... and may the Muse be with you...

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