Friday, September 21, 2007

Second Cup Opportunity

SAC has reached out on behalf of its members to partner with the Second Cup Coffee Chain to support Canadian singer/songwriters. The following item is from here:

Second Cup is looking for singer/songwriters across Canada to perform at local Second Cup cafés in the areas that the artists live. They are building a database of artists that their Franchise Partners will be able to access when searching for performers to hire at their café. Looking for artists who perform styles suitable for cafés (soul, instrumental: classical, jazz, flamenco, salsa etc…). Many artists who currently perform at our cafés do so for the opportunity to sell their CDs during their performance, however Second Cup is also open to listing artists who require payment per performance. Second Cup will not provide any speakers, mics etc for the performances. It is assumed that if the artist needs elements to perform at a café they will be responsible for bringing them at no additional cost.

Interested artists can apply immediately by sending an email to

The subject line of the email must be as follows:
(city the artist is from), (province the artists is from), (main genre(s) the artist performs).

This format must be adhered to.
The body of the email must list this information briefly in point form:

1) City the artist is from
2) Province the artist is from
3) Genre(s) the artist performs
4) Instruments the artist can play during a performance at Second Cup
5) How much the artist would charge the café to perform
6) How long the performance would be
7) Previous experience
8) Phone number
9) Email address
10) A photo of the artist in jpg format – this is the only element that is not absolutely essential
11) A direct link to samples of live recordings of the music. In the case that this is not available, a well marked CD can be rush mailed to:

Laura M.
The Second Cup Inc.
Second Cup
6303 Airport Road
Mississauga, Ontario
L4V 1R8

Applications will not necessarily receive a response. Selected artists will be added directly to the select database of Canadian artists for Franchise Partners to contact directly.

*No phone calls please

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