Friday, February 15, 2008

Networking Nashville - Gordie Sampson

Since I'm dishing out quotes from songwriters lately, I thought I'd add one from another Canadian-born songwriter, Gordie Sampson, from an article entitled Networking Nashville by Nick Krewen in the Winter 2008 edition of SAC's Songwriters Magazine:

"If there's a golden rule, Sampson says it's important to stick with your artistic integrity. 'Certainly strive for uniqueness,' he advises. 'Try to find what's unique about you as a writer and milk it for all it's worth once you find it. Some of those kinds of things are kind of hard to put into words, but once you come across a lyrical style that you can recognize as your own, or a musical style that is your own - that's what the world wants to hear. They want to hear individuality... they want to look in the window of your soul...'"

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