Thursday, February 28, 2008

Paul Simon on Songwriting

Stumbled on this interview by National Public Radio (NPR) of Paul Simon:

Paul Simon says some people describe his songwriting process as being "backward." He often comes up with the musical accompaniment, he says, and only then finds a melody and writes lyrics. That process was at work with some of the songs on his new release, Surprise, which is a collaboration with electronic-music pioneer Brian Eno.

The legendary singer-songwriter talks to Melissa Block about working with Eno — who has produced albums by the Talking Heads and U2 and is known as the father of ambient music. Simon offers insights into how he creates his songs, drawing on music of previous decades and literary influences. He also discusses how the events of Sept. 11 and celebrating his 60th birthday have affected his creative process.

If you follow the link above, you can listen to the interview (sorry, can't embed it here).

May the Muse be with you and Paul...

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