Friday, February 08, 2008

Oxygen 8 to the Axiom 49 at Revolution Audio

Completed another upgrade... 24 keys and some more controls moving from M-Audio's Oxygen 8 Keyboard MIDI Controller to its Axiom 49 model. I've already set up the MMC controls for the Axiom to control the Sonar 6 play/record functions (see this site for tips)... the challenge will be to get the sliders/knobs/pads working the way I want... Any suggestions?

Thanks to the folks at Revolution Audio for making this a painless upgrade and for supporting the local music creators with good deals and fair trade-ins... (and thanks to my wife for putting up with this "hobby" of mine)... For those looking to "trade up", I'd encourage you to deal with the fine folks (Jason, Will, Kate) at Revolution Audio. From it's website dealing with Used Gear:
  • We are looking for trades! Change your old outboard gear into something new that you will use! Please contact us for a quote.
  • We do not sell guitars, amplifiers or other music equipment. Home Recording IS what we do - this is not just another section in our store. Recording Equipment is our store.
  • We only sell quality items of good value, tested personally by us.
  • We are home studio owners and enthusiasts. We are doing this because we love it
  • We are knowledgeable. If we don't have the answer we will find it for you. We are committed to get you recording in your home and this is why we have a 100 percent success rate in doing only this.
Now it's time to make some music...

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