Thursday, February 28, 2008

Sold On Song - BBC Radio 2's Songwriting Academy Competition

I stumbled on this wonderful website that is a songwriter's resource and competition all-in-one:

Sold On Song by BBC Radio 2 and the British Academy of Songwriters & Composers.

From the website:
If you are interested in songwriting, this is your opportunity to get involved and you could end up with your music played on Radio 2 in addition to having your song worked on by a chart topping songwriter.
The Songwriters Academy will provide you with an unrivalled opportunity to kick-start your career in Songwriting. Open to all, regardless of genre, The Songwriters Academy is a major new search for songwriters.
The site is not unlike CBC Radio 3 (see my site there :) but also adds a few unique touches for the songwriter looking to publicize his/her music. There's a newsletter that you can sign up for straight from the site, as well as links to great resources: Songwriters' Guides.

I urge you to check out this great site that will surely be around for a while... hey, its BBC!

May the Muse, and her technological helpers, be with you (or at least not against you...)

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