Saturday, September 16, 2006

Feel Like A... scotch, neat, double (on the)

Well, the Feel Like A... posts on MusesMuse have been quite critical of my producing attempts and the length of Feel Like A... One critic wrote, and I would agree:

as far as songcraft is concerned, though, i do think the hook is definitely there and salvagable. in fact, i like the melody throughout and the prechorus is a nice set up. i like the bridge, too. one thing i must say is that the guitar solo is very weak and way too long. if yo ulook at the structure of the tune next to the clock, the solo comes in at 1:30 and the bridge (which i really dug) hits at 2 minutes - and the song is almost five minutes long. you return to the verse after the bridge, which is a cool thing to do, but not to cycle through the whole thing again, like you did. ..........and then another guitar solo section at 3 mins!? you're getting way too into your own tune, man. you've lost your listener at this point. he's gone.
But cool of cool, it was very nice of one poster, fabkebab (deadmanscorner on his Soundclick site) to say the following:

Hi there Renz -
I listened to this a couple of times - I am quite a fan of yours, based on your two competition entries a while back (Butterfly and Lovers Limbo - I downloaded them both!!) -
This song is in the same vein/style, but you are clearly trying to step up a notch and arrange a full band song, whereas those two songs I mentioned were layered acoustics (presumably building off the rythm of the main guitar part) -

I have dabbled with trying to sound a bit more "complete" in my arrangements too, and it takes a while to make something sound good (learning to play different instruments, and trying to play to a new rythmic pattern - drums instead of guitar) - In this case I think your song sounds tightest in the solo sections-
perhaps you could try recording the rythm guitar along with the drum, then play your bass etc to match the guitar - then drop the guitar out at the end if you dont like it

Anwyay, interesting to hear you try something new; good luck with it - dont assume that you have to though - those two other songs are excellent and something I listen to regularly

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