Friday, September 29, 2006

Not in Limbo anymore...

Well, I didn't register in the top 5 for the 2+2 competition... One poster and voter, zmulls, graciously had me for his number two... I've read some of his lyrics on his website and I like them (my kind of style...). I asked fabkebab to break my scores down for me... what the hell, I'm a glutton for punishment...

Anyway, I received a total of 9 points (1st place got 57 points, down to 13 points for fifth place), with one 1st place vote, a 2nd place and a 3rd place vote. The results:

  • 1st RLD - She Just Wants Me (57 points)
  • 2nd ktownwrytr - Little girl gone (34 points)
  • 3rd Brina/grandpa - Dont let morning come (29 points)
  • 4th Fancy/Corinne - Almost over (17 points)
  • 5th marty g - how I feel (13 points)

What can you do but keep trying?

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