Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Voting for the 2 + 2

Well, I couldn't vote for myself (shame), but I completed voting on the songs in the competition:
  • AMereHobbyist - Smokey the Cat (2+1)
  • Mikey2 - Colors Of The Mood
  • renz - Lovers Limbo
  • Merlin - Find yourself a paradise
  • marty g - how I feel
  • reprise - this is real
  • Brina/grandpa - Dont let morning come
  • Smile/NanaimoB - If heaven were my canvas
  • RLD - She just wants me
  • NigeQ/Len - Piranha Lover
  • Fancy/Corinne - Almost over
  • ktownwrytr - Little girl gone

I'll let you know how I did come Thursday...

As for my recording, I laid down some drums and guitars for She's My Favourite Place... hope to place a link up to that soon when it's finished.

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