Tuesday, March 20, 2007

DIY Publishing Links

Well, I'm following up on some recent articles I've come across. One, out of the Globe & Mail, that I can't seem to link to, discussed the SellaBand concept. It's very interesting and to read more about it check out the "How it works" link on the main page. Basically, you post some demos on an artist's page, see if you can sell enough "shares" in a CD project from the site's "Believers", and then get a chance to produce a professional quality CD of your music.

The other site involves the digital world and publishing (which, I guess, is my main focus over actually performing), but also finished CD's for music (or, very cool, bound books if you're a novelist, for example). Check that out at Lulu. You retain all the rights to the music you post and Lulu gets 20% of any sales (you keep 80%). But who will buy my wonderful tunes...

Ci vedimes...

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