Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Links - ALAS and Playoke

Thought I'd just post a couple of links I've found for any local songwriters (in the GTA) who may be interested:
  • Artist's Legal Advice Program - exactly what it sounds like... and as described in their intro web page, they are a collection of volunteers established "...to help provide advice to those who may not be able to access more expensive alternatives. ALAS serves as an excellent first-step for creators wishing to understand their legal rights or deal with specific problems but who are unsure how to proceed. Appointments consist of 30-minute meetings in which a lawyer will listen to your concerns and provide advice for solving your legal problems."
  • Playoke.com - not really sure how to describe this one, so I'll let the Canadian Musician magazine do it in this article. Basically, it's a marketplace for original songs... but I'm not sure who'd be buying. I joined up, but I still haven't been able to place a song in the Song Mart (even though the site is giving away free Gold Memberships at this time...). But the info is here for you...
Ci vedimes...

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