Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Australian Idol Sings (and Writes) Full-Time

You can read a story about Lisa Mitchell, a 6th place finisher in Australian Idol, here. It's shameless self-promotion, not unlike what I do here, but it's nice to see an Idol wannabe sticking with it and writing her own songs...

Of particular note is the quote below...

"I'm just doing my own thing and writing my own stuff. For me songwriting is as much a part of music as singing...I just want to build it from lots of live shows. I've had people coming up to me at live shows who aren't from Australia maybe from England or something and they don't know who I am and ask 'what's your name I really liked your set', so that's really good when that kind of stuff happens."

Good for her... and the songs are good!

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