Saturday, August 18, 2007

Should songwriters move to major music hub? - The Songwriters Show

This week's episode (episode #4, week of August 17/07) of "The Songwriter Show" discussed the issue on whether it's neccesary for a songwriter to move to one of the major music hubs like L.A., NY, or Nashville in order to succeed. The featured artist was a "non-performing" songwriter - Casey Hurowitz. I like that moniker... I'm going to use that ("non-performing songwriter" not "Casey").

Listen for yourself... I think that the show gave a helpful hint to NOT move to Nashville, but to take a trip to Nashville as the Songwriters' Mecca and attend the Bluebird Cafe for one of its songwriter-in-the-round series... Then he suggests hitting L.A. or N.Y. to network (not get a deal necessarily) and do it properly - i.e. film/TV placement is L.A., while rock/jazz/blues is N.Y.

My question is with technology so prevalent and people writing and recording in their home studios, why do we need to make that trek except for its obvious nostalgia advantage. I can see a trip to Nashville being an inspiration, but when you can record an album in your home studio, it's really needing to make those connections and here in Toronto, there is a great music scene to try to make those connections...

Of course, if anybody reading has those connections, well then, connect me!

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