Monday, August 20, 2007

How To Write Songs : Your Own Story

How To Write Songs :: Your Own Story :: How You Write Your Songs

The above link is from for those writers who want to share some songwriting tips in that community... of course, you can do the same here... just comment for me...

This is what the site suggests:
  • What is the story behind your music? Do you have great tips to share about how you write your songs? Let the world know! For instance, (you can mention)
    - How do your songs get started?
    - Where/how do you get your ideas?
    - What inspires you the most?
    - How often do you write?
    - What do you write first? Music or lyrics?
    - What is the actual process involved in writing your songs?
    - How do you make your songs stand out?
    - What are your best songwriting tips, tricks or techniques for writing a good song?
    - What is the main reason for your success as a songwriter?

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