Monday, December 31, 2007

Music From The Camps - Francesco Lotoro

CBC Radio's show, Dispatches, aired a radio documentary by on Francesco Lotoro's quest to record the music from the victims of the Nazi concentration camps. As labeled by the reporter, Megan Williams, this is "[t]he story of one man's quest to uncover the work of composers once held in Nazi prison camps. "Concentrationary music," he calls it. But you could also call it haunting."

It's certainly a powerful concept of music as the ghosts of those Holocaust victims, a lasting legacy through the music that Francesco Lotoro keeps alive through his recordings. Plus, he's doing it in my parents' home province of Foggia in Italy!

You can listen to this wonder documentary in RealAudio format here, or download the podcast here (it's the last 17 minutes or so of that podcast). I also found this article at the Telegraph that has links to some of the recordings that are moving and powerful...

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