Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Song of the Year - Suggested Artist


Well, my "A Beat Away From My Heart" received a "suggested artist" tag from the Song of the Year contest for October 2007...

That's two recognitions this year (the first was for Pause and Wonder in July...


Song of the Year

songwriting contest lyric contest
JULY 2007


Awarded to Lorenzo D. Policelli

Lorenzo D. Policelli has been selected as a "Runner Up" in July 2007 and was awarded "Suggested Artist" in the October 2007 round of the Song of the Year song and lyric competition. Song of the Year receives entries from all over the world and only the most noteworthy artists receive such recognition.

For more information about Lorenzo D. Policelli please visit


tomslatter said...

Well Done!

I linked to one of your previous posts in my blog. I'm really impressed that you have the guts to send your songs into these competitions. It's something I'd never do!

Tom Slatter

Renz said...

Well, thanks for the nice words. I don't know if I'm "braver" than you are, and I saw the post on your blog and understand your sentiment entirely... I write for myself too, but since I do want to be published eventually, I do have to worry about what others think of my songs...

All the best to you Tom...

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