Monday, January 07, 2008

SAC's proposal for online music called 'pipe dream'

From Monday's Globe and Mail
January 7, 2008 at 3:59 AM EST

A proposal to add a $5 monthly fee to every wireless and Internet account that would allow music consumers access to all recorded music available online has been called a "pipe dream" by the president of the
Canadian Record Industry Association, Reuters and Billboard has reported.

Songwriters Association of Canada claims the plan, which has been presented to CRIA and the Canadian Independent Record Production Association, as well as publishers' groups, would raise $1-billion a year that would be distributed to artists, labels and publishers. The proposal does not detail how revenue would be collected.

CRIA president Graham Henderson said he has discussed the plan with acting SAC president Eddie Schwartz, Reuters reported, but his organization is reluctant to become involved. "We don't want to pursue what amounts to a pipe dream that is presented as a quick fix," he said. "We'll lose focus on the real issues that will help us resolve the industry's problems."

Talk about a pipe dream! Oh well, while "songwriters" are left out of the distribution list (guess songwriters are caught under "publishers"), I've got dreams of a money river flowing into my home if I can just get the one hit single published! NOT!

May the Muse (if not the Millions) be with you...

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