Wednesday, July 02, 2008

BBC Radio - The Lost Beatles Interview

Here is the link to download the BBC radio show featuring the "Lost" Beatles interview that aired on BBC Radio 4 but is no longer available for streaming. The Lost Beatles Interview 01JUL08.mp3

As described from the BBC's Radio 4 site:
Sixties star Helen Shapiro presents the story of a lost TV interview with the Beatles that was recorded in April 1964 and recently found languishing in a rusty film can in a garage in South London. Experts say it's the earliest surviving interview where Lennon and McCartney talk about how they met and discuss the song writing process. With contributions from the original TV interviewer Paul Young - who had never seen the footage, which was part of a regional television programme broadcast only in Scotland - Beatles expert and writer Mark Lewisohn and Dick Fiddy of the BFI.


pinball king said...

All I hear is Greek music. I guess I'm doing something wrong?

Renz said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Renz said...

No, I guess the BBC changes the online content weekly... I couldn't find a permanent streaming link to the interview, but you can download it from here...
The Lost Beatles Interview 01JUL08.mp3

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