Monday, July 14, 2008

Gary Allan On Technology in Songwriting

Gary Allan is confessing to joining the computer age. The successful Nashville songwriter recently appeared in an article discussing this fact:
Gary Allan’s music has been available for download for a number of years, but he’s only begun to apply modern technology to his songwriting process in the last 12 months. Now that he’s done it, he’s finally agreeing that a computer keyboard is superior to pen and paper.

"Last year I started writing on a computer," he says. "I used to make fun of everybody that came in with a computer [to co-write], but it’s so much faster now, and you can change things. And then we usually run a tape the whole time, so if you do say something and say we’re not of the right mind to remember, we can scroll back a few minutes and see what you said and see if it truly was magic or if you were just wrong."

Gary’s got some magic going with his latest songwriting endeavor. He’s a co-writer of his latest hit, "Learning How To Bend," which is currently at No. 13 on the Country Aircheck singles chart.

Hey, first and foremost is the Muse... everything else takes a back seat... all the technology in the world won't write the great song, it'll just be there to take down the lyrics and the melody when the songwriter hones it...

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