Monday, July 14, 2008

Xenomania and Gabriella Cilmi - Set to Conquer the World

Famed British songwriting duo Xenomania are behind the Europe chart-busting artist Gabriella Cilmi and her debut Lessons to be Learned with lead-off single Sweet About Me. It's just good pop music from what I've seen and heard... Ms. Cilmi is only 16 and has adopted London as her hometown while the team of artist and songwriters plan to conquer the U.S.

I'm not crazy about produced pop (a la Ashlee or Britney) but these guys know how to make it work and Ms. Cilimi's sincerity appears to shine through the music. I think they'll go far with each other (well, Xenomania has already gone far, to be sure, but you know what I mean...)

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