Thursday, July 10, 2008

Songs from Scratch - Volume 2

An email received from Minnesota Public Radio... I entered a song last year and may try it out again this year if I can find some time (it was fun last year and I received some nice comments afterward and, hey, any media is good media, right?):

Hi there,
Since you participated in Songs from Scratch last year, I wanted to send an email letting you know we've got a new installment of the project this summer -- Songs from Scratch vol. 2 -- this time around, we've asked Adam Levy of The Honeydogs to write the start to some lyrics inspired by a familiar story (he chose "The Wizard of Oz). Then, we gave P.O.S., Jeremy Messersmith and Best Friends Forever two weeks to finish up the lyrics and put it all to music.

We're asking listeners to do the same thing -- start with Adam Levy's lyrics, finish them off, write and record a song and send it to us (you can send us both audio and video). This year, even if you're not a musician, you can still participate -- you can comment on the submissions, and you can rate them. The ratings will help determine a handful of songs that will get some radio play on 89.3 The Current on Chris Roberts' The Local Show (must send submissions by 7/21 to be considered for this).

All the details are at -- just select Songs from Scratch from the shortcuts menu. Or, you can click right here.

Thanks for all of your songwriting last year. We can't wait to hear what you come up with this year, so pick up your guitar or piano or whatever else you make music on, and get writing! tell your friends, too!
Yours in song,

Producer, Songs from Scratch
May the Muse be with you...

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