Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Halifax singer going to Olympics ... on NBC

I read this article (Halifax singer going to Olympics ... on NBC) in our local freebie paper by Dean Lisk for metronews. It's certainly a "feel-good" story from a songwriter's perspective:
It’s not the same as competing at the Summer Olympics, but for a musician it’s even better.

Halifax singer Jon Mullane’s song Make You Move is being used by NBC Television in a promo ad that will air on late night television leading up to the start of the Games.

“Personally, it is very fulfilling. Professionally, this is fantastic because I am getting my music exposed to the U.S.,” said Mullane – not to be confused with In-Flight Safety singer John Mullane.

“When they heard Make You Move, they loved it, and they saw some action on the airwaves in Canada and wanted to use it right away. It is a fun, upbeat, party rock song. Not too serious.” Make You Move is one of five songs being used by the network, and — from Mullane’s understanding — it is the only one by a Canadian artist.

They will beging airing tonight during shows like Late Night with Conan O’Brien and The Tonight Show With Jay Leno.

Mullane said he has to give some credit for his recent success to the Atlantic Film Festival’s Music & Image program. It offers local musicians an opportunity to meet with film and TV music supervisors.

“I was getting discouraged, because I have been doing it since 2003,” Mullane said. “I did meet with the NBC rep that year — and I was thinking ‘This is no good. Half the people are coming for the paid vacation essentially.’”

He had an opportunity to meet with two NBC representatives last year, including the woman in charge of the promos. Mullane stayed in touch with her after the meeting.

“It took a long time for an overnight thing,” he said.
May the Muse stay with Jon Mullane and inspire me to get that publishing deal I want! Here's the promo itself:

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