Thursday, March 13, 2008

American Songwriter - Lyric of the Week #2

We used to laugh together
and we'd dance
to any old song
Well ya know
she still laughs with me
But she waits
just a second too long

from "Far From Me"
written by John Prine

"Lyric of the Week" is an effort to recall, catalog, harvest and spread the words of those songwriters who you turn to when your own voice strains. What Johnny Cash lyric gets your goat? Does Leonard Cohen know you like a brother? Has Robert Hunter changed your life? This is the purpose "Lyric of the Week" serves: We want to know who you turn to for inspiration. Who are the lyricists and songwriters whose work you mine for new ideas? If you share a lyric that strikes a chord with us and is selected as "Lyric of the Week," then you'll get a guaranteed, extra-cool American Songwriter t-shirt.

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