Wednesday, March 26, 2008

The Song The World Wrote

Another press release about another songwriting contest. I believe the item that speaks for itself, and the idea of the world writing a song

Unique International Songwriting Collaboration

A song written by writers from around the world, over a period of one year, to bring people together and raise money for cancer research.

Oceans of Love - The Song the World Wrote

Toronto, Ontario, Canada (PRWEB) March 25, 2008 -- Aspiring songwriters from around the world have completed a song collaboration which began one year ago ( This unique contest was designed to achieve two goals - bring people together to promote love, peace and paying it forward and to help win the battle against cancer.

The BC Cancer Foundation will be the grateful recipient of a percentage of the net proceeds from publishing, along with another international cancer research organization. (to be determined).

The idea to put together a worldwide songwriting effort originated when Lucy DeLima-Wilson and her son Johnny DeLima decided it was time to unite the world in spreading cheer and goodwill to others. Today, that dream became a reality as the final radio-ready demo was completed.

Lucy DeLima-Wilson states, "This collective brainstorm demonstrates what can happen when people join together without boundaries to create something magical to perpetuate positive change worldwide."

DeLima is in pursuit of Celine Dion as the recording artist because Celine will be opening the 2010 Olympics in Vancouver.
"The Song the World Wrote" is upbeat and inspirational and represents several countries, as do the Olympics.

The song's title "Oceans of Love - The Song the World Wrote" and its first line were written by multiple Emmy Award Winning Songwriter A.J. Gundell and the world wrote the rest of the song. The song boasts writers from Canada, USA, Ireland, Lebanon, Argentina, England, New Zealand, China, France, Germany and India.

About Lucy DeLima-Wilson and Johnny DeLima:
Johnny is a performer/songwriter in Vancouver. He survived major brain surgery as a teenager and awoke with a newfound commitment to life and giving back. Lucy is a social worker in Toronto who enjoys spreading the ideas of love and unity to others. She believes strongly in diversity and paying it forward.

More information about the contest and a sample of the completed song can be found at the Web address below:

For an interview or more information, please contact Lucy DeLima by phone at
(416) 519-6000 or Johnny DeLima at (604) 518-4893.
Web Address:

Pretty ambitious and I'm sure there's some misses when you collaborate with the world at large, but if it hits, maybe it will hit big as a product of the world... Submit a line if you can...

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