Thursday, March 27, 2008

Record Your Acoustic Guitar

Acoustic Guitar Central has a nice article by Sean Coleman titled "Record Your Acoustic Guitar" although it's equally applicable to setting up any home digital recording studio, not just to record acoustic guitars...

As I've learned, and as Mr. Coleman states: "...these days, a prospective home recordist has access to more multitracking, effects, and mixing options than the Beatles or Bob Dylan ever had in their heyday—often in a system the size of a briefcase."

Now if I could just write like John, Paul or Bob...

The author reviews audio interfaces (including my choice of the M-Audio Fast Track USB Pro), microphones, headphones/monitors and mic preamps (another reason to like the Fast Track as it is also a mic preamp). It's a great place for an overview for those who haven't set up for digital home recording yet.

"Think carefully about what you want your recording to sound like and what system will enable that in the most cost-effective manner. And remember that there’s more than one way to make a great recording. The best engineers have always been the most resourceful, and many of the most famous records of all time have been made by musicians and engineers who figured out ways to make do in less than ideal circumstances. With a little ingenuity and imagination you may end up amazed at how far your home studio can take you—no matter how humble or high-tech it might be."
Let your home studio take you far and may the Muse be with you...

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