Thursday, March 27, 2008

Weezer Frontman Taps YouTubers to Write New Tune

From the Wired Magazine Blog comes this recent post by Jenna Wortham:

Weezer Frontman Taps YouTubers to Write New Tune

By Jenna Wortham EmailMarch 25, 2008 | 1:52:00 AMCategories: Celebrity, DIY, Music, Social Networking, Web/Tech, YouTube

Is YouTube becoming a hot new poaching ground for musicians? Rivers Cuomo, frontman for indie geek rock band Weezer, is asking fans on the popular video sharing site to help him write a new song.

Cuomo has posted a series of videos polling fans for their input. The introductory video asked for song title suggestions, inspiring 50 video responses and a 100-plus comments. (80's Radio emerged victorious, beating out Big and Bouncy and Showdown in Candyland.)

The most recent clip (embedded right) polls users for chord ideas. Cuomo has yet to announce a winning sound, but he's got 43 videos awaiting his listen.

No word yet on when or where the fruits of this fan-made labor will debut, but it could be anywhere, possibly on Weezer's summer album or as a digital download. It barely matters. The rare vantage into the stages of songwriting alone makes this whole experiment worthwhile and intriguing, not to mention the fun in watching the interactive exchange unfold between a musician and his audience.

Hey, I've written a song with John Mayer, so I may as well try writing one with Rivers Cuomo...

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