Thursday, April 12, 2007

Jam Session #7

Well, Jeff and I got together on Tuesday night for an "off" night... we were both tired and had both finished working late, and that came out in our playing. On top of it all, the computer wasn't agreeing with us either... BUT at least we were able to lay down a cool riff that Jeff came up with, that I'm hoping to add lyrics too and co-write a song...

A TIP for those of you with home recording software (I have
Sonar 6 on my laptop): If Windows XP wants to reboot after it's downloaded and installed some updates, LET IT! Everything came out distorted and off-time as the little message kept popping up telling me that XP needed to reboot and I kept ignoring it... I guess with Sonar already opened, something that XP's update service installed starting sharing some resources or memory that Sonar was already using... anyway, I've filed this away as "Lesson learned..."

Ci vedimes...

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