Saturday, April 07, 2007

SAC Regional Songwriters Workgroup #6

Well, it was a treat to have Lynn Harrison attend today and share her experience and knowledge of her songwriting process. She actually chronicles on Blogspot as well about songwriting in a blog entitled Staying in Tune. I truly appreciated her insight on songwriting as a "service", and I won't paraphrase her, I'll let Lynn speak for herself (check out her post on her blog: The Next Level).

I brought my 12-string and played a song called My Papa's Clothes. My throat was dry and I started too high so I went quickly out of my range, but the song itself was appreciated by Lynn and the group. Others presented their songs as well (on CD... dammit, why'd I bring my guitar?!)

It was nice to be at Revolution Audio again for a "class". They are very supportive of home studio enthusiasts... and they know their stuff!

Ci vedimes...


Lynn Harrison said...

Hi Lorenzo,

Thanks for the post and links...and thanks for your song. It's truly lovely and a great example of a personal song on a universal theme. I thought your live performance was in keeping with the spirit of the song...very human and real. I hope you are able to record the song as well to give as a lasting gift to your family and others.

Keep writing and singing!


Renz said...

Well, thank you again for the support on the song Lynn. I will keep writing and singing 'cos some faceless muse makes me...

I appreciate your blog's perspective on what makes a songwriter write and breaking down the entire songwriting process... You'll note, I don't get that deep here, although it is something I want to explore...

Once I get a song published!

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