Tuesday, April 10, 2007

TSA Notes

I received a nice invitation from Kim Boyce to attend the next Toronto Songwriters Association meeting this Friday. The TSA's focus at that meeting is "Spring Cleaning" - finishing up a previous exercise that the songwriter has not completed. I sure could have partaken in that one! But, unfortunately, I can't attend this Friday...

I did go to the TSA's News page and found this nice blurb about the meeting I attended back in February:
  • Our first meeting of the new year got things off to a good start with participants presenting 7 blues-inspired songs. A special thanks to Lorenzo Policelli, our guest this month, who brought us his blues song Encore along with his great enthusiasm for all things that have to do with songwriting. Discussion at the meeting touched on the problem of the difference between poetry and song lyrics. At what point do "poetic" lyrics cross the line and start to work against the songwriter's desire to engage and communicate with the listener? We're happy to report that we have completely solved this problem and will reveal our discovery to the world in the coming weeks and months. Be sure to visit this website often so you don't miss it!

I will definitely try to make it out to another TSA meeting in the future (if they'll have me...)

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