Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Original Sundays... April 2007

Kim Boyce has Original Sundays going at the Woodhouse Lounge for April 2007. I missed April Fools' Day (probably not a real day anyway) and Easter Sunday will be passed over, but here's the rest of the month (with what appears to be an open mic on April 15... hmmm... I'll think about that...):

Uncle Herb will be back with his own show this time....he's calling it Musician's Breakfast....and it'll be a jam with Uncle Herb...perhaps we can all toast him for putting together this "open stage". If you're hankering to get up and do some performing, come out to The Woodhouse for a chance to do so today.


Melanie Joy will be our guest today....she's a Bloor West Village resident who has a great pop/rock sound. Check out her myspace page...you will be impressed as I was with the solid songs and polished productions there. Also performing will be Mike Mazzei who's got some great songs too.

Trish Kerr will be bringing her entertaining brand of blues out to the west end for us today. Also performing is Tony Bird who's got his finger in the blues pie too.

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