Saturday, April 14, 2007

Mimico Joe & Pinball King et al

Joe Sbrocchi had a nice comment on my MySpace site:
  • Hey Lorenzo
    Good to meet you and hear your song at SAC on thursday. Very clever lyrics. If you would like to co-write a tune, give me a holler.
    Mimico Joe
And Michael was kind enough to leave a nice comment on my last post about SAC's Date with a Demo event... and on my MySpace he paid the ultimate compliment of comparing my voice with that of Elvis Costello!

That just adds to the encouraging words received last week from the team at Revolution Audio (MySpace), Liz Harrison (this blog) and before that from Kim Boyce (on MySpace)... It all equals a desire to make this goal of mine come to fruition...

Ci vedimes...

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