Wednesday, July 25, 2007

CIRAA and RevAudio's Newsletter

Well, I joined the Canadian Independent Recording Artists’ Association, CIRAA, on the promotion of Revolution Audio. Check out RevAudio's latest monthly newsletter here.

As for CIRAA, this is what you receive when you sign up for free:

  • Congratulations. You are now a Founding Member of the Canadian Independent Recording Artists’ Association.

    As our first order of business together, we now ask you to please help us spread the word about CIRAA. Please send your musician network a link to and urge them to sign up. Every musician you know. Even if they receive 10 emails from different musicians asking them to join, it can’t hurt and they’ll get the point.

    We must unite politically if we are to have enough negotiating power to improve CANCON, FACTOR and the many other issues facing us. It's precisely because we have had no voice on these issues that unsigned artists have been neglected. This must change.

    Please do what you can to spread the word today.

    Thank you,

    CIRAA Membership

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