Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Muses' Muse

I've been visiting the Muses' Muse for a long time now... I haven't posted up there lately 'cos I've been remiss in providing my opinions to other songwriters' tunes, but I always enjoy dropping in on the message board in the lyrics and lyrics & music critique sub-board of the songwriting message board... It's great to have that resource available for quick, inciteful feedback from your peers (some of them pros)...

I also subscribe to the Muse's News Songwriting Newsletter and this month, I was lucky enough to be a winner in the monthly prize giveaways... I won a copy of a book THE SONGWRITER'S JOURNAL by Stan Swanson. As reviewed by Ed Teja for Muses' News: "it should make anyone a more prolific songwriter, which will provide the opportunity for improvement. It should help tickle a sleeping muse awake, and that can't hurt." - That's good news for me... I need that muse awoken at times...

Thanks to Jodi Krangle - Proprietress of the Muse's Muse for this great prize... Jodi is a fellow Canadian in the GTA and she runs a wonderful resource for all songwriters worldwide. A great debt of gratitude is owed to her... KEEP UP THE EXCELLENT WORK!!!

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