Monday, July 09, 2007

Note from a listener!

A listener that found me from a post I just made in usenet newsgroup ( took the time to listen to my music and made the following thoughtful comment (that I greatly appreciated):
  • Hey - I listened to your tunes and what I think of them is that they are good singer songwriter type songs but they would be hard to pitch to any band. As a publisher I would turn them down for that reason. If they were marketed for soundtrack songs they might fit a script but then if you played them out, you don't stink and you could easily be
    the guy that sells albums.

    Songs are product that get marketed for a purpose. If you don't have the tool (band or singer) to present your song you can't very well market them. Some songs work for a generic anyone to sing and others need a personality. Don't stop trying to do what you feel is right for you based on any or all critics but you may want to think about
    becoming your own marketing source. You have the basic knowledge of recording. If you make better, more complete recordings that would please your listeners, you can sell your own CD's and probably make more then you would expect.

    If you get "published" (and that would mean getting a cut on a CD) you get so little from the sale of the records it is almost insulting. If you don't have the hit song you never get airplay royalties. If you record and sell your CD's at a coffee house gig and say, make 10 sales a night for 150 nights a year and sell your CD's for $15 you make $22,500. If you want to get a publisher to shop your songs you are going to record them anyway but to make that much money you need a song on a CD that goes AT LEAST gold!!! Granted you would have 10 songs on your CD that you sell but you will need more then 10 songs in the hands of publishers to get lucky enough to go gold.

    Anyway, you are always your best marketer and you will always believe in your songs better then someone else no matter how much smoke they blow up your rear.

    Like I said, this is just my 2 cents but do the math, think it through and realize that you have a market. Just figure out who, what and where and get to it.

    Lots of luck

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